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New App Cell Notepad 2015 June
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below all information for Old-version 1.0, 1.1

Excel Notepad S iPhone / iPod touch
updated 11-Nov-2011 ver 1.1

released 03-Nov-2011 ver 1.0
Excel Notepad csv S iPhone / iPod touch
US$ 0.99
updated 11-Nov-2011 ver 1.1

released 03-Nov-2011 ver 1.0

Excel Notepad iPad / iPad2
released 30-Aug-2011 ver 1.0
Excel Notepad csv iPad / iPad2
US$ 3.99
released 30-Aug-2011 ver 1.0
[ Old-version's Tips ] If you want to see Mr.Mouse again ?

Quit multitasking on background of iOS.

how to ...

Double-Tap Home-button.

Long-tap "Excel Notepad"i-Con, and Touch (-) at the upper left of the i-Con.

Close "Excel Notepad"

Restart "Excel Notepad"

[ Old-version's Tips ]

If you want to send or printout your list-memo, Yes you can. (Free-version OK)

The way is saving it as a photo-picture.

1. show Excel Notepad's(your-list) view on iPad's screen.

2. Push HOME-Button and MainPower-Button both at the same-time.

3. Open the picture from Photos-folder on desktop of iPad.

4. Tap the picture. Tap Upper-right button. You can select mail or printout.

If you want to edit (modify) your list-memo on other PC.
Then, use [ Excel Notepad csv ] please.


What's the different between [ExcelNotepad] and [ExcelNotepad csv] ?

[ Excel Notepad ]

This is a notepad. You can make a memo of list-style,
so easy, no confusion definitely.

[ Excel Notepad csv ]

The advantage, You can bring iPad anywhere.

You can input at out-doors, outside-desktop.

We think, if you want to only input before make perfect spreadsheet-document,
This App is convenient and helpful.

[ csv version's functions ]

1. Export .csv file by mail.

and also you can copy-and-paste it on csv-menu-window(View).
Long-Tap, Select-All, Copy, then , You can paste it to other App as .TEXT.(ex. Notes App)

2. Auto-calculation. (Very Simply)

auto-sum (vertical-D-Line, E-Line, F-Line,)

auto-multiplication ( horizontal D*E )

These are simplicity and immutable.
This is not high functionality like real-spreadsheet-software's.

3. six save-data-slots.

illustration artist: miyako
JBOYSOFT and Our Products are not perfect yet.
But, We are growing up now.
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